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SpinAudio Virtual Mixing Console v1 1 Build 110
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SpinAudio Virtual Mixing Console v1.1 Build 110 possibly with 1Gbit/s

1.Description SpinAudio Virtual Mixing Console v1.1 Build 110:
Virtual Mixing
Console v1.1, an application
your Windows PC into a powerful automatable
with VST
effects processing and a host for
playing VST instruments.
The product is designed to deliver real-time performance with a
total Input/Output latency down to 2 ms that equals dedicated
hardware solutions.
Virtual Mixing Console offers full-featured mixer with mono and
stereo channel strips, groups, FX send buses, master strip,
built-in on-channel 4-band parametric EQs, 10-band mastering EQ
and full MIDI automation with a support of 8 fader banks. The
mixing engine is optimized for running on multi-cpu systems.
VSTi rack provides loading up to 16 VST Instruments. You can
assign MIDI ports to them for MIDI I/O and freely route audio
outputs to the mixer for further processing with VST effects.
The list below outlines the main features:
Real-time multi-channel low-latency audio streaming through ASIO
2.0. Audio engine optimized for Multi-CPU systems.
Effects processing using VST plug-ins.
Support for VST DSP Acceleration cards.
VST Instruments support.
Comprehensive MIDI support with port grouping, channel and
key-zone remapping. Full MIDI Automation.
Mixer with flexible signal routing.
Up to 8 inserts per strip.
Up to 8 full-featured FX Send buses.
Up to 64 groups.
Built-in on-channel 4-band parametric EQ.
Built-in 10-band mastering parametric EQ.
Up to 8 fader banks for automation.
Navigation bar for quick access to channels.
Full screen view mode.
What's new in version 1.1 build 110:
- VMC now works on Pentium 4 Hyper-threading enabled systems
- Stereo channel strips now can accept mono inputs
- Unicode support
- Improved midi I/O handling through DirectMusic interface
- Improved Audio/Midi synchronization. No more audio drop-outs
when processing midi by VSTis on graphic intensive operations
- Sync to MIDI Start/Stop/Continue
- Engine Start/Stop
- Use minimal buffer size option is now switched off by default
- Keep input midi ports open option added
- Tooltips for toolbar icons added
- Application toolbar labels added
- Last browsed folder are now stored separately for project,
preset and strip settings files
Bug fixes:
- Digidesign ASIO driver loading crash problem
- Audio I/O channels are listed in the alphabetical order
instead of driver reference's
- VSTi rack midi activity indicator is not working
- No VSTi plug-in midi reset on midi I/O port change
- Z3ta plug-in window crashing on exit if open
- Short zipper noise burst on application exit
- On-channel EQ processes sound before sends
- Redraw artifacts on resizing I/O monitor bug fixed
- Project title does not show when autoloading project file
on start-up
- Slow loading of plug-ins with a big number of parameters
- I/O Monitor graphic artifact on window re-sizing
- SpinEQ on master strip might not update correctly on
switching mixer configuration
- SpinEQ did not update correctly on strip initializing
- SpinEQ: Last used filter didn't turn off when switching to
no active filters state
Known Bugs/Problems:
- There might be some visual artifacts when working with
Pulsar/Scope XTC mode VST plug-ins
- Waves VST waveshell is not supported
more info available at:

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