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Horse Life 2
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1.Description Horse Life 2:
Your dream horse!
Select your horse breed from among the seven most famous breeds in the world, to create the horse youve always wanted to ride. As well as the choice of breed Selle franais, Mustang, Arabian or Anglo-Arabian, Akhal Teke you can select the horses features: the colour of its coatbay, chestnut, piebaldits mane, stockings, and even the markings on its face. Horse Life gives you the possibility to create the horse of your dreams.
Your dearest friend!
You have to look after your horse and take care of him. He has to be in tip-top form and feel good to be at his best in competitions. Give your horse a name, take care of it, and feed it; the aim is to build up a close friendship with your horse. The health and future performances of your horse depend on the care and attention you can provide. Your horse is a living creature.
Your champion!
Through the highly realistic reproduction of your horse, you can live the emotions of training and competition to the full. All the main disciplinesdressage, cross-country, show-jumping, and eventingare in the game providing you with unforgettable moments. And when you and your horse deserve a treat, take off to discover fantastic landscapes on free rides.
Master of your own adventure!
Horse Life 2 is very easy to learn whether you are using your DS stylus, Wii Remote, or PC mouse. Its incredible realism enables you to live and explore your passion for horse riding to the full as you care for your horse, build up a friendship with it, go riding, and take part in competitions. Horse Life 2 is more than a simple game. It takes you into the heart of magnificent landscapes such as the forests and country-side of Europe, the southern African bush, and the North American Grand Canyon, on your way to making your dream come true: become the worlds best rider.
Game Life has created with magnificent landscape environments, bringing you all the emotion of discovery and adventure. As you progress through the game, you create your own story, and build up real relationships with the cast of colourful characters that guide you through the game or challenge you.
As you progress, you acquire more accessories for you and your horse, and get access to more varied fodder and treats. Your relations with other characters will depend on how you treat your horsea level of interaction that offers you the chance to live out a genuine equestrian adventure around the world.

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